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Marquis Who's Who is an American publisher of a number of directories containing short biographies. The books are usually titled Who's Who in... followed by some subject, such as Who's Who in America, Who's Who of American Women, Who's Who in the World, Who's Who in Science and Engineering, Who's Who in American Politics, etc. Marquis Who's Who books are often found in the reference section of local libraries, at corporate libraries, and are also used for research by universities.

Kristin Heitman comments on her disappointing experience on researchgate.net, "I got an invitation from Marquis Who's Who several years ago and (under pressure from my then-chair) submitted my biographical information. I was amazed at how many errors were in the biography Marquis returned to me for review, and several of the corrections I sent back had not been made in the published text. The people entering the data clearly did not recognize the honors or organizations they were typing into the system. If the point is data fishing, it's a poorly designed effort because the data available are very dirty indeed. I think one can go in and directly edit one's own bio online, which means there is absolutely no control over whether those bios are accurate. Although I've had some nice fellowships, etc., graduated from respectable institutions, and done some respectable work, I am definitely not eminent. I have no idea who nominated me. Since my former chair did not receive an invitation, I suspect that I was just on some list or other that was transformed uncritically into a list of prospects. I'm skeptical that Who's Who is anything more than a money-making scheme that trades on Marquis' (former) reputation. As soon as my flawed bio was published, I was "invited" to order several very expensive copies to send to anyone I wanted to impress."


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Current Employee - Sales Representative says

"I have been working at Marquis Who's Who full-time for more than a year Cons: Owner plays favorites Company preys on senile and elderly through direct marketing ....once they get your credit card it’s game over"

Former Employee - Inside Sales Representative says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time for less than a year Cons: Too many to name. Leads are minimal and lackluster at best. Fired after 7 weeks. Did not produce 5k/week of sales. Hard to force people to buy when they do not see a need for their products. If you are a robot and can just keep reciting the script with no empathy at all you will do well here."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time for more than a year Cons: Same owner as Cambridge who’s who He will not get out of this business and now using an established company to do the same as Cambridge who’s who"

Former Employee - Sales says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time for less than a year Cons: Scamming the senile can really start to weigh on your conscious. I wouldn’t advise getting too comfortable here as management threatens job security with quota expectations weekly. Upward mobility is a myth here."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time Cons: Management is terrible. The owner is a clown and the executive team is no better."

Former Employee - Sales Representative says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time for less than a year Cons: No transparency, false pretenses. You are not a sales rep so much as you are data entry and a telemarketer. The Who's Who brand was bought for its credibility by current management to sell awards and other notoriety - you sell awards and ask to update biographies, but this is really to update the customer database for future solicitation. There is a high turnover rate as well, many reps who come in last weeks if not days because of lack of leads - 90% of listees do not want to buy. There is catering to those who sell higher than others. Pitches and scripts are full of outright lies. Company has been under their new management for less than 1 year and recite filler info to make it sound like they've had the name forever - president has owned multiple businesses that have been flagged as scams in the past. They also lie to applicants to sell the job to them. President and sales manager are often overhead speaking about individual reps' performance openly on sales floor, much which should be said behind closed doors. They also will lie or exaggerate to reps to dissuade them from asking questions."


"I have been working at Marquis Who's Who Cons: lack of job security, poor management, no opportunity for advancement, far below industry average salaries, lack of respect, owner refuses to pay bills, constant cutbacks"

Former Employee - Editor says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time Cons: Pay is low, not a lot of advancement opportunity. Upper management is pretty uncaring. Office is open all holidays. 2 feet of snow on the ground? You're still expected in. The people in charge are not very nice and do not seem to care about anyone."

Former Employee - Phone Sales says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time for less than a year Cons: Management is watching you every single second. There are some 15 cameras watching the sales floor at all times. You are tracked every single time you leave the office, even just to go to the bathroom. If you are ONE single minute late, it is a problem. You must be on the phone literally every single second that you are at your desk. Any meetings with management will take up your personal break time, which they think is ok because “we will let you run and grab a sandwich real quick”. You do not get paid holidays off except Christmas, thanksgiving and New Years. The rest, you must use time off. A lot of ridiculous and antiquated practices that you are informed of by H.R. who will then say “i don’t make the rules” which is most likely a lie because she is actually the executive Vice President of the company."

Former Employee - Submissions Director says

"I worked at Marquis Who's Who full-time for less than a year Cons: Sales must be consistent or you will get fired."

Directir of client services (Former Employee) says

"Run from this place it's a descriptive telemarketing job taking advantage of older established people. Horrible cut throat place deceiving everyone you call upon there are favorites here. Run. Dont bring your sales experience here"

Finance (Former Employee) says

"Horrible place. Get spoken to like garbage by everyone who works there. The owner curses at you speaks down to all women. Racism nepotism runs rampant. Cons: Everything other then the paid lunch a few times a month"

Executive Account Manager (Former Employee) says


Receptionist (Former Employee) says

"Your job is never safe with this company. The owner of the company has cameras in every corner of the offices that he watches both when he is in the office and at home. He constantly listens through the phone intercom and he fires people at a whim. He picks and chooses when you have holidays off and if he is going to pay for them or not. It is a nine hour work day but you do not get paid for lunch. It is very unprofessionally run and the owner is a pig."

Web Production Specialist (Current Employee) says

"The company consisted of great people making do with a bare bones budget imposed by grotesquely incompetent ownership. The company was sold in May and the new ownership only has interest in the name branding, not the company itself."

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